Born as Bobby Scott in Germany and raised in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco since the early sixties he began his professional music career as a teenager performing with artists such as The Pointer Sisters and Stevie Wonder. Throughout the seventies, Bobby Scott toured extensively throughout Japan and Germany with his band Starbaby, featuring vocalist and violin player Carol Mayedo. Carol was the featured violin player on Neil Young's American Stars and Bars album. Neil Young frequented the bands countless shows with their strongest support being in the South Bay and Santa Cruz. Starbaby was Neil Young's favorite band in 1979.

Squid, a name given to him by an old sea scout master and exploited by manager and associate David Gross of David Gross Entertainment, is credited with writing over five hundred songs and producing projects for countless local musicians and groups including Platinum Squid and Calamari Gold, his own incarnations.

The Otto Preminger of Rock & Roll

Squid Vicious Since 1987, he has been playing lead guitar with The Legendary Sy Klopps Blues Band with other notables such as Neal Schon, Greg Errico, and Ross Valory. Their first CD Walter Ego, was released by Guitar Recordings and was produced by Bobby Scott and David Denny, along with the follow up album Ol Blue Eye is Back. They have performed with Blues Traveler and Soul Hat at the legendary Fillmore, and have recently played at the pre and post Bammies parties in San Francisco.

In 1988 he joined the Bay Area's World Beat leaders The Caribbean Allstars, as lead guitarist. He had several opportunities to trade guitar licks with Carlos Santana, who was a frequented guest and major fan of the band. From Earthquake Relief, to The Greek Theater in Berkeley, to the mammoth Ben & Jerry's Concert in Golden Gate Park, they continue to play and please fans everywhere. The band' s last release is called Paths to Greatness on Rokk Steady Records.

In 1990, Squid teamed up with legendary guitar virtuoso Harvey Mandel as bass player. His unique style with more of an innovative guitar approach to the bass, creates a very original sound. The 1997 Harvey Mandel solo album "Planetary Warrior" features Squid on two tracks. You can also find Squid on the 1995 release "Snakes & Stripes." From jams with everyone from Van Morrison to Gregg Allman, Squid has his tentacles on the pulse. The band had reunited with keyboard legend Howard Wales at The Tribute to Chet Helms and literally ignited the crowd. Phil Elwood of the San Francisco Examiner was quoted as saying that the band organized by Harvey Mandel was gutsy stuff, compelling (an overwhelming) beat. Knockout performance! Squid & Harvey Mandel
With Harvey Mandel
NAMM Show '96

In 1992, Squid joined Diesel Harmonics as bass player, along with David Denny from The Steve Miller Band. The band features at least three guitarists in their concerts, giving the band a metallic country edge, with crafty tunes and smooth vocals.

Later in '92, he joined Imo and the Moongazing Band as lead guitarist with reggae legend Earl "Chinna" Smith.

Squid Vicious Photo
 The Lumberjack of Bass Guitar
In 1993, Squid introduced The Squid Vicious Orchestra, and headlined the Herbie Herbert Roast, a benefit concert for Thunder Road at Bimbo's in San Francisco. The band featured an all star cast with guest performances by Joe Louis Walker, Robben Ford, Huey Lewis, Narada Michael Walden, The Tower of Power Horns, and members of Journey. His repeat SVO performance capped off the evening at The Tribute to Chet Helms, where Squid was so busy that night, that people were asking him, what bands are you not going to play with tonight?

He has recently finished projects by poet Allen Cohen of The Oracle, titled Book of Hats, as well as projects by local musicians Ron Love (Tales From the Heart) , D.E.H. (I Rise From the Ashes), Jerry Whittom (The Jerry Whittom Song Book ), Ron Marcus (Behind the Eye), and the legendary Salmon Dave & The Sole Men!....aka Nick Jaguar (Egg Salad on Main Street).

Squid is currently working on his own project, The Squid Vicious Orchestra (The Age Of Aquariums) featuring numerous Bay Area legends.

Squid B. Vicious, earning his way to the silver platter!

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